Giz, Kotaku and Lifehacker Bring Home The Trivia Trophy

Giz, Kotaku and Lifehacker Bring Home The Trivia Trophy
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You’ll have to forgive the slow process of posts today, Gizmodians – last night saw the inaugural Buzz Trivia night held by the folks at Playstation Australia, to celebrate the release of their new Buzz game for the PS3 (and PSP).

The team behind Giz AU got together with Kotaku AU and Lifehacker AU, roped in some guys from Allure Media (the people who pay our way through this life) and called on trivia expert and ex-Gizmodo editor Seamus Byrne to form the ultimate trivia team.

It was a hard-fought contest, but in the end our team smote down our enemies in a sea of fire, paper aeroplanes and tinfoil hats (you probably had to be there). That’s right – Gizmodo kicked some serious trivia ass and walked away with the trophy.

Sony were also generous enough to give away $5K to our charity of choice, the Heart Foundation (along with all the free booze). Which made it a fantastic night for everyone. But moreso for us – because we’re winners.

[Thanks Sony! It was a great night!]

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