eBay Pushes Back PayPal Only Policy, Still Pushes 'For Your Own Good' Argument

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After the ACCC kicked ebay's plans to only allow Paypal for online transactions square in the nuts last week, the auction site has delayed the cutoff date for the changeover. For a month.

They now plan to make you use Paypal only when transacting online from July 15. The ACCC may have some more to say about that, of course, but in the interim, you can still use any of the available online payment options.

From the press release:

eBay challenges yesterday's Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) draft notice and is disappointed that the ACCC's current view delays the opportunity to provide consumers a more secure way to shop on eBay.com.au with confidence.

eBay intends to work with the ACCC and hopes to achieve a final outcome which has the safety and security of eBay's members as its paramount objective. eBay will delay the removal of other payment methods from the site until Tuesday 15 July.

It still blows me away that they're still pushing the whole security reason as the catalyst for this move. I mean, if it were purely for the benefit of consumers, they'd cut back some of the fees involved for sellers.

Hopefully we'll see the ACCC pull out a can of whoop-ass on eBay and this will fade away quietly in the night before July 15.

[eBay's Greed on Giz]

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