Skate Down The Mountain With The Fuse Snowskate

Skate Down The Mountain With The Fuse Snowskate
Fuse outdoor.jpg

While the team from Giz in the US is all excited about the coming of summer, here at Giz AU, we’re starting to get pumped for the snow season. Especially when we woke up the other day and it was a miserly 2 degrees – when it’s that frickin’ cold, there may as well be snow on the ground.

The Fuse Snowskate is like a skateboard for snow. As you can see from the picture above, there are four miniature skis on the bottom that let you glide across the finest white powder (or the packed, manmade stuff at Australian resorts), like an angel with attitude.

Unlike a snowboard, there are no bindings or boots needed – just a touch of skill, a penchant for daring, and a lack of fear for the wellbeing of your testicles as you attempt to grind your way down a railing, only to fall off, legs askew on either side and your manhood making its way slowly up through your lower intestine to hide out somewhere near your spleen.

Yeah, thinking about it, if you want to give one of these a go this snow season, best wear a box.

You can pick one up for $262.90 from Funky Barry. If you want to see it in action, check the clip below: