Philips Shows Off 3D TV

Philips Shows Off 3D TV

Samsung were showing off their new 3D plasma at the launch of their Series 6 TVs the other week, but you had to wear glasses that reminded me a bit too much of the Oakley Thumps to be really enjoyable.

According to an AP report in the SMH yesterday, Philips have also been showing off their 3D TVs, except these models don’t actually require any sort of eyewear. The TV works a bit like a “holographic greeting card, [combining]slightly
different angles of the same image to create video that appears to
have different depths as your eyes scan it.”

From the report, it’s still a bit touch and go – sometimes it’s extremely vivid, other times it’s just murky. But Philips believe that we’ll have 3D TVs in our homes within a few years. Or at least those of us that can afford it.

[AP via SMHThanks to everyone who pointed this out!]