Panny Brings 14 New Viera TVs To Australia

Panny Brings 14 New Viera TVs To Australia
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Alongside the Blu-ray recorder Panasonic unleashed yesterday, there were 14 new Viera TVs. That’s right. Fourteen. That number includes nine plasmas – including a new 46-inch model – and five new LCDs. 11 of these new sets will be available in time for the Olympics.

Six of the nine plasmas are Full HD, offering 1080p pictures, 24p cinema mode, 100Hz technology, 134 billion viewable colours and 30,000:1 native contrast ratio.

Panasonic have reiterated their position that plasmas are better for bigger screen sizes, while LCD TVs are perfect for smaller sizes and brightly lit rooms.

In the LCD department, sizes range from 32-inch to 37-inch, with Full HD models available in both sizes.

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