Iron Man Haiku Competition – The Winners

Iron Man Haiku Competition – The Winners
It’s finally here. Iron Man Day. And today, five of you will be walking away with a double pass to see the new film starring Robert Downey Jr, plus an Iron Man webcam.

The rest of you – well, you miss out. But I’ll be trying to line up some even bigger and better prizes in the coming weeks that won’t involve Haikus, so the less poetic among you can stand a chance as well.

Speaking of Haikus, hit the jump to read the five winning poems. Congrats again!

Iron Man Can’t Pee
Without A Zip On His Suit
He’s Rusted Inside.

Magnets are my foe
From magnetic dreams i wake
Bathed in sweat i rust

Periodic Chart?
Ignore it to name myself
Or else I’m ‘Fe’-Male

Poor, poor Magneto.
He could’ve crushed iron man.
Not anymore, though

I’ll be in touch with the winners to get contact details shortly. In the meantime, check out the latest video to keep your Iron Man lust satiated.

[Iron Man on Giz]