Free City-Wide Wi-Fi Not Dead Yet (Not Exactly Living Though Either)

sydney wi-fi.jpg

Even though the NSW state government decided it hated the idea of free Wi-Fi, Unwired is joining up with cafe owners in Sydney and Melbourne to provide free hotspots for consumers.

The idea is obviously nothing new - Starbucks has been doing it for years - but it is a step forward for tech-lovers in the country's two biggest cities.

While Unwired are seeking cafes and bars to take up their uConnect service, the service is also being picked up by local councils and libraries. Since December last yer, more than 30,000 have used the service for everything from web browsing to VoIP calls.

The biggest problem with the service (and something Unwired has been working on for years) is the relatively narrow availability within Sydney and Melbourne CBDs. Still, free Wi-Fi is crucial, especially with 3G data services being so cost prohibitive.


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