Dell To Sell PCs Through Officeworks

Dell To Sell PCs Through Officeworks
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Good news for all those Dell fanboys out there who just can’t get enough of their cheap PC hardware – you will be able to get your hands on Dell PCs from your local Officeworks store very soon.

Dell, who have historically always worked on a “direct to consumer” basis that shunned retail partners like they were scale-coated lepers, have decided to change their entire strategy after losing ground to the likes of HP in the budget PC space.

The partnership will let customers play around with Dell’s machines prior to purchase, and will offer both the option to order custom-configured machines and walk home with a standard configuration. It also includes their XPS line of PCs and their peripherals like scanners and printers.

All 104 Officeworks Stores around Australia will have Dell machines available, and Dell is committed to maintaining those kiosks that they have in certain major shopping centres too.

The partnership follows other global partnerships the company has made with retailers around the world, including Wal-Mart in the US.

If nothing else, at least now you should be able to get Fly Buy points when you buy a Dell machine…

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