Austar To Offer IP Video In New HD PVR

Austar To Offer IP Video In New HD PVR
According to Australian IT, Austar’s next DVR box will not only feature an ethernet port, but it will let you use it for downloading IP video onto the unit. The box, which is due out later this year, will also feature a USB port and HD tuners.

Foxtel’s new iQ2 box also features an ethernet port, although they refuse to actually say anything about how it will be used when the box is released in June.

CEO of Austar, John Porter, was quoted as saying:

“We’re agnostic when it comes to content. Our vision is to be the consumer interface for digital content, no matter which pipe it comes through, be it digital terrestrial TV, satellite or the web. It’s about our box morphing into being a media centre for the TV set.”

Of course, by not controlling the content flow, the Austar box could quickly become the new home for internet porn in your home. Whether that’s a bad thing is completely up to you.

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