Woolies To Replace Checkout Chicks With High-Tech Gadgets

Woolies To Replace Checkout Chicks With High-Tech Gadgets

Back when I was a teenager, all of my female friends acquaintances were checkout chicks. They’d spend their weekends working at Coles, or Woolworths or Target or somewhere similar, for a minimum wage and a lower self-esteem. But, as they said, at least it was better than working at Maccas.

Now though, it looks like the days of teenage checkout chicks (and guys these days) may be coming to an end with the news that Woolworths is set to trial a self-checkout system in their Carlingford (NSW) and Camberwell (VIC) stores this month. More than 70 stores are expected to introduce the system b the end of June.

The system will be like the setup currently at many Big W stores, where you scan your own items, swipe your credit card or insert cash, sign a panel and get your receipt. The difference is that Woolies will also let you weigh your own fruit and veg.

There will still be some staff there, standing about to make sure you scan everything and helping the technologically illiterate through the process, but the days of the checkout chick seem to be numbered.

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