Sony Releases The New Lounge Lizard Vaio

Sony Releases The New Lounge Lizard Vaio

We saw last week how Sony wanted to give you (or US customers, anyway) the option of dressing up your Vaio laptop in god-awful bright, lively colours.

Well, Australian customers now get a similar choice, except instead of “Leaf” or “Victorian Lace”, we get the very Crocodile Dundee-like “Lizard skin” finish as an option on Sony’s CR series of Vaio laptops.

The Lizard skin finish (which probably isn’t made out of real lizard skin) joins the other colour options of gold, red, indigo blue, black white and pink.

I wonder what made them opt for fake “lizard skin” over fake “snake skin”. I would have thought snakes would have been much more appealing. Maybe there’s some sort of awesome aphrodisiac qualities in fake lizard skin that Sony isn’t really promoting? If there was, I would totally get one. Otherwise I’m going to stick with my Mac…