WiBrain B1E Gets Australian Release Date, Price Drop Within a Week


I got so caught up in the joys of my first week last week that I forgot to announce that the WiBrain B1E has been released in Australia through Tegatech.

Even bigger news is that barely a week after it was released, it's been given a price drop. It is now the first UMPC to retail for under $1000 in Australia. While this is big news for UMPC fans, we're quite concerned that the price drop isn't thanks to a drop in component prices or a stronger Aussie dollar, but more to do with the fact that it hasn't gotten the best reviews.

On the upside, the higher specced B1H (with 1GB RAM and a 60GB hard drive) also got a price drop to $1199. So if you're in the market for a cheap UMPC, there's none cheaper than this one.

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