Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

Scones.jpgNext-Generation Nintendo DS Mock-Up Another Giz want.

RIAA Argues Songs Ripped to Your Computer for Personal Use Are "Unauthorised Copies" First they're awarded with $250,000 for 24 pirated songs and now this. Seriously?!

Microsoft Offers Free Software in Exchange for Your Privacy Unfortunately, big brother Microsoft is only tracking US residents.

BusinessWeek Says Blu-ray Ahead; Analysts Predict HD DVD FTW Hmmm...anyone else remember the time when "analysts" were "predicting" Blu-ray FTW?

Smarter Honda ASIMO Can Self-Charge, Avoid People, Work In Groups It still walks funny though.

Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Gets Official At Under 1.8kg With Capacitive Touch Portable, affordable but no word yet on Australian release.

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