Toshiba sub $500 on HD-E1, plus discs too

Tosh is ramping up the HD DVD push this festive season, with the announcement of price drops across their range. The entry point for the HD-E1 is now $599 ($50 off), and drops to $499 with a cashback scheme through the Toshiba website. For $100 more you can have the HD-EP10 ($180 off) which steps up to full 1080p output and upscaling. The high-end HD-XE1 is now priced at $1299 ($100 off).

On top of this, the site where you claim your cashback also gives you a batch of HD DVD discs too. It shows five discs – Ant Bully, Superman Returns, Troy, V for Vendetta, and Batman Begins – but specifics could well be different on count and titles received. But there’s also an in-store promo offering up to six discs with every Toshiba player sold. Things are looking up and up for HD DVD – they’ve really lucked out with the general disinterest in HD to date having been at a time when Blu-ray held a big advantage. [Toshiba AV]