Are you too old for some gadgets?

grandma-phone.jpgSo hot pink is definitely a tough one for some people to pull off, but should there really be social rules you should apply to the gadgets you buy? Are gadgets such fashion and status symbols that you must adhere to age-appropriate styling? Laptop magazine thinks so, and in their tough love cold shower on your lust for sexy tech they're telling older (I'm guessing their age cut off is anyone born before 1980) consumers to get over trying to still be down with the cool kids. Just stick with black / grey models and get ready to die gracefully.

And don't forget. Old == time to stop gaming. Yes, no gaming laptops nor even a PSP for you. You should be over that by now. Anyone placing bets on whether Dana Wollman has ever been a gamer? [Laptop Magazine via PopGadget]

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