PC Tools pwns Zango in adware blocking fight


Aussie anti-spyware maker PC Tools, home of the great Spyware Doctor, has 'won' their long running battle with adware publisher Zango, who today conceded defeat by voluntarily withdrawing its proceedings against them. Seems once they couldn't get a court to grant a Temporary Restraining Order, they saw they were screwed.

The magical irony of it all was Zango's assertion that classification of their software as malware meant PC Tools' software was "unfair or deceptive". Takes one to know one, eh? The court that refused to give the TRO told Zango they were unlikely to prove that was the case... it's taken them two months since that decision to see the writing on the wall.

A good result for the Anti-Spyware industry, so congrats to the PC Tools crew - keeping kicking malware butt!

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