New Dolphin Mini and Micro Torches from Eveready


Ah, the Dolphin! This year marks the 40th anniversary for the iconic Aussie torches that were passed by as Maglight and friends turned up and went metal on shedding light at the darkest hour. But drop a Mag in water and that sucker is going to briskly head south, possibly to make sexy time with one of those weird deep ocean fish with a light above its fanged maw. And that's when you'll wish you'd gone for a tough, waterproof, floating Dolphin friend.

Well it's a good time to get one, because not only has Dolphin gone Xenon for a 30% brightness boost, it also now comes in Mini and Micro varieties for when you need something more portable. Stupidly cheap with lifetime guarantee! More details and pics to give real-world scale below.Dolphin_Mini_Toolbox_01.jpg While the Mini is a little bigger for taking on trips or "keeping in the top drawer next to the bed in case of a blackout." It will cost $13.99 and take 2 x D batteries (included).

Dolphin_Micro_Handbag_01.jpg The Micro is said to be a perfect fit "in a handbag or backpack". It will cost just $9.99 and take 2 x AA batteries (included).


Both will be available in October, both in red or yellow. You'll find them at all the big retailers. I'll take two of each.


    I was unable to insert the batteries without damaging the torch. Eventually gave up before I destroyed it. I will take it back for a refund, and buy a torch that I can get the batteries into.

    same! Just can't figure out how to open the thing!!!
    Anyone got any 30% brighter ideas?

      Twist off the top

    opening the torch - no instructions on the packaging - discovered after various atempts that you need to unscrew the front section (anticlockwise)- but some instructions would defniately be handy Eveready!! - what process clutz missed that one ?

      Paul thankyou for the instructions thought it was just me was about to piff it the **** house after hours of frustration, your right some instruction would have been handy.

      OMG, thankyou so much Paul. I had bought the touch for my sons school camp and couldn't figure out how to open the silly thing. Got to love google. Again thanks paul

      Thank you stopped me from taking my new torch back to the shop for a refund. I too agree with you....there should be instructions on how to get into the blessed thing!!

      A million thanks, Paul, for explaining how to access the battery compartment!! I thought I had developed seriously weak fingers and couldn't prise off the black front bit - who ever would have thought to screw the whole front section off. (Sadly we're not all lateral thinkers!)

      PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, EVEREADY - just a one line instruction or simple drawing would save lots of us (it seems) much anguish, and probably keep more customers for you!! You should be paying Paul a commission in the interim.

      Thank you Paul, it took me AGES then decided to google it and found this page!! PHEW!!

    Tried for hours to open the torch without using a hammer! Went searching for a website and found the instructions from another customer. BAd labelling eveready !!

    I have had the exact same problem opening this torch. Thankfully after a few minutes of trying to prise it open with a knife, I came and searched google and turned this up. We bought two of the torches today and I was already thinking we'd need to go back to the store (certain that the assistants wouldn't have a clue either how to open it). Thank you Paul for giving this advice. No instructions and not at all intuitive!

    Thank god for Google - i nearly ripped the torch apart if it didnt find the instructions on this page! Obviously Eveready need some feedback about this!

    Hold the torch with the lens facing away, in two hands.Left hand on the body of the torch, right hand gripping the black lens assembly. Then twist each hand in opposite direction and the threaded body assembly will unlock from the lens assembly...easy...

      Thanks Mark you helped me out and prevented a trip back to the Retailer. Well done!

      Thanks a bunch, nearly broke my hand trying to unscrew the thing - they certainly don't make em easy

    Why is it so difficult the company should change it

    Wow, i thought it was only me, i got this torch TOO and couldn't open it either, searched google and found solution, maybe they should put a label on the packaging saying "if unable to open torch to insert batteries, try using google"

    The internet rocks! At least I am not the only one who couldn't work out how to open the stupid thing. Doh!

    Yep. Totally confounded me as well. How did we ever solve life's little problems before Google came along?

    Telephone calls; running around; ask a friend for help. The exercise just reminded me what a valuable tool the internet really is.

    Thank God for google and this site and all of your helpful advice...and for makeing me feel like I was not the only idiot on the planet.
    My Dolphin mini now is loaded with its batteries.

    Hey, it July and Eveready still hasn't got the message.

    Would someone be able to tell me how to replace the light bulb in the Dolphin Mini?

      Hey, Steven.
      If the mini is similar to the micro, you should be able to unscrew the bulb. On the right of the head assembly (when looking at the "inside" end), there is an arrow with instructions: Tighten Loosen. The black part unscrews, and the bulb can be pulled out. This is the case on the micri, the mini should be similar.

    Eveready probably doesn't care about changing the labelling because you've bought the torch already, and thus they've received revenue from the product (or something like that)

    Also, it's a pretty generic design, since most flashlights unscrew at either the front or the back, and the torches themselves have a pretty obvious difference (in colour and texture) between the two sections that unscrew. The black section is rubbery, and the handgrip section (coupla colours here) is hard plastic.

    Tq very much... Luckily I found this site. I almost fedup n plan to go to the mart back for intruction. Its square and you need to unscrew... phew... My dolphin now is loaded with a huge lantern battery 6V. I repeat... a very huge battery. :)

    anyone know how deep you can take them before they leak? thanks

    Agreed with MW. Thank God for Google. I was ready to smash the [email protected]#T out of it before I decided to check it out online. YAAAAAAY Success finally.

    Thank goodness for this site! After I finished laughing my other half managed to unscrew the stupid thing & then came the decision of which way to connect the battery. PLEASE Eveready...include some instructions!

    Well that gave us a laugh in our house. The knife didn't work and neither did swearing. Went to google site, hey presto, you helpful people, out there in the black hole, solved the problem.
    My daughter and I, holding an end of the torch each, finally got it open. Wouldn't it be too simple, to put in some instructions. Thank you again.

    Well I have just spent the last 2 hours trying out how to open this torch. I had tried unscrewing but without any indication of which way to twist it. this idea proved pointless.

    Then I thought maybe it clipped on again this proved pointless.

    A simple twist open/close with arrows printted on either the torch itself or packaging would have helped alot.

    Agreed thank G-d for Google.

    Does anyone know how to insert a 6V Lantern battery into the Dolphin Eveready torch? I can't remember which way up the battery goes after I pulled it out. Do the springs face down or up?

    Also, then I have to put that big weird clip thing back in. I know this sounds stupid and obvious, but does anyone know whether the little black cylindrical thing that pokes out the front on one of the ends, would that be the end that fits onto the little white cylindrical thing inside the head of the torch?

    Thank you if anyone can help.

      If you haven't figured it out yet or smashed the torch by now - the black bit fits against the white bit. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it to go in and the black and white bit just sits against each other - guessing it is a tighter fit once it is screwed back together. Just make sure the black and white bit is aligned otherwise you won't be able to turn the torch on.

    Well I'm glad I'm not the only dumb bunny who couldn't figure out this torch and how to open it! I'm glad I came here for the answer before I did damage trying to lever the top off with a knife!

    Thanks for the help everyone, and shame on Eveready for not including some basic instructions with their product.

    Thanks so much! I thought it was just me. I was nearly ready to give up!

    I just spent all day going back and forth trying to insert the batteries in my new Eveready Dolphin Mini. Thank you for this site and I finally have worked it out. Shame on the manufacturer for no instructions and bad design - even more shame that they have not the rectified problem in three years.....

    Soooo glad I found this site - Needed to hold the torch in between my knees and use BOTH hands to turn it as my hands just weren't big enough (or I should have bought a smaller torch...) Got the battery to work after 2nd try - would be helpful if it said which way to put + & -! Agree that instructions or even a picture would be most helpful!

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