iPhone hacked to register on Telstra network

iPhone_5up-sm.jpgWant iPhone NOW!!? Seems things are very close to a solid hack for use (sans fancy voicemail, of course) on Telstra, with calls and SMS now working for those who have tested this latest hack. It's all about doing some clever SIM hacking to make the phone think it is talking to AT&T.

Asher Moses at the SMH has a story and a blog spot up about the hack, and the blog post includes a step-by-step from 'ozbimmer', as originally listed on the Hackint0sh forum.

So if you can't wait until January, when we will hopefully see a better 2nd Gen iPhone hit local shores, then here's the thread showing you your path to glory.

iPhone registered with overseas network. [Thanks Bradburn for the heads up!]

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