Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

742px-Toasted_sandwhich.JPG Welcome to Wednesday folks. Mid-way through the work week, woo-hoo!

Control a Dead Frog Via the Web Too gross not to link to it.

Greg Packer Seen in the Wild, Still First in Line I'm glad this guy has found his niche in life.

Qantas Revives In-Flight Internet with Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access Never mind that it's never made money for any other company, but A for effort for our Qantas.

Make Your Own Office Chair Bike A fun project for the weekend, but don't ride it in public unless you want to get nerd-bashed.

Crashed iPhone in Single-User Mode I can't help but link to all the anti-iPhone posts to make myself feel better about not having one.

Video of a WWII-era Airplane Landing on a Busy Highway Three words for you: Fully Hectic Bro.

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