Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night


Some great stuff from overnight! Plenty beyond this wrap too, so go have a look around.

Panasonic HDC-SD5: world's smallest 3CCD full HD video camera. "World's smallest" titles are easy when you get specific enough... and Sony is doing a great job of showing the power of CMOS for small video cameras. Anyway, no word yet on local launch information.

Possessed book trick gadget: DIY ghost house. I want one, but I don't ever want to forget I have one.

NASA plan for landing on an asteroid. So we can blow the damn thing up for looking at Earth funny.

World's smallest chip a CMOS. Remember when we thought those Bond cameras were small because they fit in his pocket?

Awesome bridge made of cardboard tubes. A samurai can find weapons in many places.

Peephole for your door, takes video 'messages' of stalkers. I just wish I had one so I could see couriers coming up the drive.

Actual photos of Halo 3 Covenant toy guns. I want the plasma rifle real bad. Real, real bad. Real, real, real...

Add up to 2TB external storage to your Apple TV. Apple is really learning a lot about this mod/hacking side of their business at the moment.

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