Ghost Radar: EMF-nav for exorcists?

The GhostRadar is all about spotting dead people. How? Hey! What's that over there!


Like any good supernatural product, there are some wonderfully non-committal disclaimers on the site, just in case you think this is going to turn you into the fifth Ghostbuster overnight.

GhostRadar does not guarantee to detect ghosts, nor does it imply that they exist. But it might, and they may. However, your interaction, emotional state, and belief system, may be important factors in how you interpret unusual events.

Yes, and those blinky lights in no particular arrangement are clearly going to give you quantifiable readouts on... or for... nope, I've got nothin'. The site is worth a look just to see the flowery buzz speak to make it all seem so damn important. But details on what exactly this thing is meant to be doing? Oh gee, we can't reveal it's SECRETS... OOOOOOOH!

So You've been warned. A nice EMF trinket (hell, probably not even that), but you've got buckley's of finding ghosts with it. Or do you? Who knows?

Ghost Radar [Product site]

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