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Zombie stories almost always have the same end game: Either humanity finds a cure, or everyone dies. In today's Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-Con, franchise creator Robert Kirkman said definitely his show will never, ever, look for a solution to the undead apocalypse. (Looks like everyone dying is still on the table, though.)

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Playing games is ubiquitous across all cultures and time periods – mainly because most people like playing games.

Games involve rules, points, systems, as well as a theme or storyline and can be massively fun and engaging. And there is an increasing body of research that shows “gamification” – where other activities are designed to be like a game – can be successful in encouraging positive changes in behaviour.


On the penultimate episode of season seven, our heroes completed their final step in trying to stop the bad guys who are forcing them to give up their stuff… by attacking another community and forcing them to give up their stuff. Yeah.


In the latest episode, Rick and Michonne reminded us that they are elite zombie-killing machines, while managing to get constantly screwed over by the capriciousness of reality. Also, there was a hilariously fake CG deer. Somehow, this all pretty well sums up the episode.


After two full weeks of narrative progression, I suppose The Walking Dead couldn't help itself. Huffing and puffing, it stopped its lumbering but steady jog to take five; catch its breath; and show us what's happening with Negan, his new captive Eugene and the rest of the Saviors' compound. Turns out what's hell for Rick and the others may be paradise for Eugene and his mullet.


I know, it's a bold proclamation, especially after the non-events of the first half of season seven. But the mid-season premiere, "Rock on the Road", contained pretty much everything those episodes lacked -- the whole group (mostly) being together; significant forward progress in the story; and a ridiculous, hyperviolent zombie massacre -- and I suspect things are only going to get better from here.