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I know, it's a bold proclamation, especially after the non-events of the first half of season seven. But the mid-season premiere, "Rock on the Road", contained pretty much everything those episodes lacked — the whole group (mostly) being together; significant forward progress in the story; and a ridiculous, hyperviolent zombie massacre — and I suspect things are only going to get better from here.


If you've been as bored watching The Walking Dead twiddle its decomposing thumbs this season as I've been, then the mid-season finale was probably equally satisfying to you. It was a pretty low-key episode — with a few violent exceptions — but one that finally got Rick out of his funk and put Alexandria and the other groups on the path to war with Negan and the Saviors.


If you're invested in a TV series, it can be tough watching the protagonist making a decision you know to be dumb. If three protagonists all make a dumb decision — the same dumb decision — it can be agonising. The latest episode of The Walking Dead features three of our "heroes" all enacting doomed, stupid plans. And despite it being yet another needlessly 90-minute episode, only one of them even got close enough to actually fail.