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Want a laptop that lets you get in a quick Overwatch match after you're done editing some video on its 4K display? How about a convertible that lets you crank out screeds even with the keyboard a few feet away? Need a tablet that lets you create and edit images without worrying about your stylus' battery life? If you're one of the rarefied souls with powerhouse demands like these, the HP ZBook x2 is just the laptop for you. All you need is about $ 4,657 (and that's just at the lower end. It gets a lot higher) and a four-hour workday.

This week at Adobe MAX, HP unveiled the ZBook x2. Its most powerful detachable PC so far. Billed as HP's first detachable PC workstation, the ZBook x2 is targeted at artists, designers and digital imaging professionals and will be released in Australia in late December.