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If the Z10 looked something like Blackberry was trying to build an iPhone copy to house its BB10 platform, the just announced Z30 would be the BB10 Galaxy S4 or HTC One. After holding it for a few minutes, I'm convinced it's something I wouldn't mind holding for at least a few minutes more.


Blackberry held its local launch of Blackberry 10 and the Z10 yesterday, complete with glitzy production and CEO Thorsten Heins. The focus was squarely and absolutely on business over all else, which leaves me wondering what the consumer hook for Blackberry is meant to be, precisely.


Everybody knows what's at stake for BlackBerry. The Z10 is its shot to stop its considerable bleeding and shut everyone up. But launching a brand new OS with brand new hardware isn't easy. And it's even harder to match expectations when both have been delayed again and again.


The first thing you probably do when I say the words "new BlackBerry" is either laugh, yawn or offer sympathy to the poor idiot that thought those were intelligent words. But pity me no longer, readers: the BlackBerry 10 is here, and it serves as proof of life for a company we all thought was long gone.