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Video: Superheroes really like working for the same newspapers that cover their (mis)deeds, which is basically the worst conflict of interest since, well, insert latest NYT headline here. Luckily, we can always count on J. Jonah Jameson to maintain the fourth estate's integrity... even against the most powerful alien in the world.


Following the Wall Street Journal asking questions about repeated examples of Nazi imagery and anti-Semitic remarks in Pewdiepie's recent videos, Disney severed all of its ties with Youtube’s biggest star. Shortly afterwards, Youtube cancelled his show and removed his channel from its premium advertising service. With the charge of anti-Semitism the Wall Street Journal took Kjellberg’s work very seriously, as is their right, and clearly his partners did so too.


It's been a rough week for YouTube's biggest star. Felix Kjellberg — better known to his 53 million subscribers as PewDiePie — was dropped by Disney earlier this week after a Wall Street Journal inquiry regarding Kjellberg's use of racial humour and Nazi imagery; yesterday YouTube itself cut his channel out of "Google Preferred" advertising. Big names on the platform are rushing to Kjellberg's defence today.


The trolls over on 4Chan's politics board noticed a curious YouTube glitch this week that allowed them to drive down subscriber numbers on any channel their tiny hearts desired. Yesterday, the Team YouTube Twitter account announced that uh, yeah, there's a bad bug rapidly dropping subscriber counts.


If you have over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, you'll be able to live stream on mobile as of now. For the rest of us plebs, we'll have to wait a little while for the new feature - but we do have immediate access to the new 'Super Chat' feature. Which you'll have to pay for, and creators will earn sweet cash on the back of.