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A YouTuber going by the name RossCreations is one of those loathsome channel operators that doesn't really understand what a prank is. Recently, he removed some stop signs that he deemed "unnecessary", and now he's been arrested. In a video published to his channel yesterday, Ross is pleading with his half a million subscribers to donate to his legal fund.


In March, LGBT YouTube creators criticised Google for hiding some of their videos in "Restricted Mode", which filters potentially "mature" content. After initially downplaying the extent of the problem, Google issued a non-apology, then a slightly more apologetic non-apology, and finally posted a fuller actual apology on its blog. In that post, Google acknowledged "this feature isn't working the way it should" and promised it was "going to fix" the issue.


YouTube TV — the cordcutting service Google teased six weeks ago — is now available in five US cities. If you live in New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay area, Philadelphia or Chicago, you can sign-up for the $US35 ($46) a month live TV bundle right now.


It's been a tough few weeks for Google. Several companies have pulled their ads from its network after various news outlets revealed that those ads have appeared on extremist, racist or otherwise offensive videos. But never fear. A Google executive says the problem is, actually, small. And not just very small, in fact. Not even very, very small. But very, very, very small.


The IT remake trailer is the latest one crowned "Most Popular," surpassing The Fate of the Furious as the most-viewed trailer in a single day. This trophy will likely be passed to another soon, but in the meantime, let's take a second to appreciate how much the trailer pays homage to its source material. I'm not talking about the book, but the miniseries.


Ten years ago the idea of having a career as a streamer would have been a ludicrous proposition. But YouTubers and Twitch streamers have developed fanbases and profiles on par with some of the biggest celebrities on earth, with millions of viewers and even more millions in their bank account.

But the actual act of streaming, beaming footage from your PC or console to the internet, can be surprisingly tricky. So to help out, here's everything you need to know about streaming.


Like regular action cameras, 360-degree video is slowly coming to life around the world. The second iteration of the Gear 360 supports a significantly higher video resolution than the original, and when paired with a recent Samsung smartphone it can live broadcast 360-degree video to Facebook and YouTube.


Disney and Marvel might have the next several years already planned out, but after the second Avengers: Infinity War, they're going to need to fill in some gaps. A fan film based on the adventures of Ms. Marvel makes a strong case for who should get a solo debut next.


Jon Jafari is a popular YouTube gamer and comedian better known as JonTron. He's the founder of Normalboots — a network of channels including Did You Know Gaming and Peanutbuttergamer — and was the original cohost of the "Let's Play" channel Game Grumps. Between those projects, Jafari wields influence over an estimated 12 million subscribers, not counting minor cameos and crossovers elsewhere within the YouTube community.