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As a new season of Android smartphones launch to much fanfare, it's worth remembering you can still get quite a modern smartphone for a great price. Try the Sony Xperia S for example, which today (with a coupon code) will set you back $298 (plus $15 shipping) from Mobileciti.


Two premium Android smartphones eye each other off nervously before entering into the Battlemodo arena. One sells itself on its insanely high resolution screen; the other on its insanely fast camera. Only one of them can be our preferred Android superphone -- which one will it be?


The Xperia S intrigues me. It’s Sony’s first phone since breaking up with Ericsson, packs a 1.5GHz CPU, 12MP camera -- and though it runs Android 2.3 right now, should get Ice Cream Sandwich before June. Maybe that’s why Sony can’t pin down an Aussie date, despite booking a briefing with Giz next week. The highlight: a 4.3-inch (1280x720) ‘Bravia Reality’ display, which at 342 pixels-per-inch, bests the iPhone 4’s 326ppi ‘Retina’ display.


Having finally ditched the Ericsson partnership, Sony has shown off its second Playstation-certified handset, the Xperia S, at CES today. While no Aussie release details have been confirmed, it's still enough to drool over.