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If you intentionally held off buying the last generation of console to save a couple of bucks, but you still want to play all those platform exclusives, now might be the time to take the leap. EB Games will sell you a Xbox 360 E console with a 500GB hard drive, plus a couple of games, for less than $100.


It's terrifying how long video games have actually existed. Utterly terrifying. Even more terrifying (and hilarious) are the commercials used to sell video games. Just for fun I decided to trail back through history to unearth almost a commercial for almost every single home console ever released. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 4 and everything inbetween: this is the history of video games in commercial form. Enjoy!


Microsoft, for some reason, decided to breathe new life into the ageing Xbox 360 by giving it another facelift. This time, it was done to match the design ethos of the Xbox One. But where the Xbox One looks bold and retro future and almost quietly intimidating, the new old Xbox 360 looks like a cheap mini PC tower. At least they match?


While Microsoft certainly has its grand aspiration sfor the future of the Xbox One, it's not leaving the trusty old Xbox 360 in the dust. The old box just got a new hardware refresh at E3, and it's available today.


Hacker, modder and DIY extraordinaire Ben Heck has seemingly done the impossible with his latest project. For years, a fierce battle has raged between proponents of the big three gaming consoles, but to finally bring peace and civility to gaming forums across the land, Heck created an all-in-one console that combines a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.


When Joshua Meadows moved to Sydney from the bright lights of New York City, the only person he knew was his partner who moved over with him. Joshua, a gamer, craved a social circle he could call his own, and right after his residency visa cleared, Joshua joined a group for gay, lesbian and transgender games called Sydney Gaymers. Little did he know, he'd just joined a community that he would go on to lead as it grew exponentially in its membership in the next 12 months. Now, on the precipice of its first anniversary, the group has over 400 loyal members and is preparing to march as the first group of gamers in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, with a float sponsored by gaming heavyweights like Valve, Sony and NCSoft.


Meet SuperDaE. You may remember him from such stories as the guy who tried to sell an Xbox Durango (read: the next Xbox) development kit on eBay, and has since been pouring over more dev kits, whitepapers and manuals to get as much information about Microsoft's newest console as possible. Now he says he's ready to share it with the world, and his information looks pretty solid. Find out what's in the next Xbox right here.