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You don't have to hunch over your PC monitor to watch YouTube, downloaded movies or TV shows. If you happen to have a PC connected to your big-screen TV, or even if you're thinking of hooking one up, then there are a few choice pieces of media centre software for you to pick between and get a great cinematic experience.


Dear Lifehacker, My laptop came with a Blu-ray drive, but I can't seem to play Blu-rays with it, and everyone says I need to buy extra expensive software to use it. Even VLC can't play them. (I thought it played everything!) Is paying $US50 my only option? Sincerely, Miffed Movie Lover


In its latest update, much-beloved media centre application XBMC added one-click add-on installation, bringing browser-like extensions to your media centre. If you've ever wanted to incorporate watching TV, listening to podcasts, or playing video games to your XBMC box, the new add-on system is incredibly easy to use, and can power your box up to do all sorts of things. Here's how it works, and a few of our favourite XBMC add-ons.


We love our games and consoles, but there's a big world that lies beyond the product you pull out of the box. Your console is capable of so much more than you may realise. Here are our top 10 video game hacks and DIY projects to prove it.


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Windows/Mac/Linux/Apple TV: Open-source media centre application Boxee gained a lot of notoriety for seamlessly integrating web-based TV shows with a remote-friendly, ten-foot interface. Now they're aiming to bring more web-based movies to their Movie Library.


Boxee has been turning any PC, Mac or Linux box into a capable, social-networking equipped media centre for a while in its extended alpha phase—and now, news is that it will also work on your Apple TV for a free way to go beyond the iTunes lock-in for streaming all DRM-free media. Like aTV before it (which is not free), Boxee installs on a flash drive (this time using Mac-only for now ATV USB Creator) and sports a similar interface as the original Xbox version that started it all. Sign up for the alpha: galleryPost('boxeeatv', 3, '');


The folks behind XBMC, the cross-platform media streaming solution, have announced that the first beta version (dubbed "Atlantis) of their media centre has gone live on all platforms: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Xbox. The first things users will notice is the new skin "PM3.HD"—a high-definition tribute to Project Mayhem III. The announcement also includes "XBMC Live," a bootable CD which gives users the opportunity to try XBMC without installing it on their hard drive (can also be booted from flash drives). Finally, XBMC for Mac now has initial support for integrating iTunes and iPhoto media. The final release of Atlantis is slated for October.