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Sanyo is finally gracing the US with the second generation of their respected waterproof Xacti line, the Xacti E2. Capturing either 8MP stills or 640x480 AVC/H.264 video, the 257 gram Xacti E2 can fit up to 8 hours of footage on an 8GB SD/SDHC card (so that's 1GB/hr). Unfortunately, the Xacti E2 is only waterproof to depths of 1.5 metres. Available now for US$400, we dug up some test footage for those of you who like watching a couple of dudes swimming:

Sanyo's HD700 Xacti was the then smallest 720p camcorder in the world, and we liked it. Time's moved on and Sanyo has a new Xacti, the HD800, and it's apparently a great leap in video quality. The new cam has an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor, and shoots 720p video at 30fps in MPEG4 format. It's also got "three-dimensional noise reduction" for improved image sharpness, can track up to 12 faces in the scene for optimum image settings, a 5x optical zoom and can shoot down to a minimum of 3 lux. The SDHC-recording cam comes this time in whacky 70s-esque colour schemes, and is available August 22nd in Japan at first, for around $460. Press release below.

You probably remember DXG's insanely cheap DXG-566V HD camcorder, the US$150 answer to Sanyo's Xacti line. Well, DXG maybe didn't think the 566 was enough of a copycat: The company has totally revamped the 720p/30fps camcorder with a "sexy vertical design" to look a lot more like the Xacti. The low price is retained: the all-new DXG-569V HD only costs US$170, while Xactis still cost anywhere from US$260 up to US$700. The DXG also only comes in silver or black, a small price to pay... literally. Specs and availability after the jump.

Sanyo's new Xacti isn't much of a change over the previous version: mainly a new 8 megapixel CMOS sensor (versus the previous 6) and a "face chaser" mode. This maintains exposure and focus settings on people you're videoing or snapping. There's a new underwater shooting mode too, which corrects for blue-colour light effects, and seems sensible for a cam that can be taken down to 1.5 metres underwater for an hour. The rest of the camera remains the same, including the case and 5x optical zoom. Next time give us a waterproof HD version, eh Sanyo? Available in Japan at first, mid-May, for around $500. ">

The Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700 —the younger sister of the DMX-HD1000 we tried at IFA2007 — has been announced in the US and will be available at the end of October. At 189 grams and 171 cubic centimeters, Sanyo claims it's the smallest 720p camcorder in the world, taking AVC/H.264 video and 7.1-megapixel stills with Face Chaser technology which can track 12 faces simultaneously. Its specs are quite impressive for its $600 price tag:

Today we got our hands on Sanyo's Xacti HD. The world's first 1080p camcorder is more than cute—seemed like just the right weight to me, and its two-button design is simple to use. It felt cool and fast, but the experience was not perfect.

Pogue takes a a few waterproof cams down to the local waterpark for testing and finds Sanyo's 6MP Xacti E1 to be of better image and video quality than the rest. I've always found the Xacti cam's nice, but the low light performance to be lacking. That doesn't matter when you're talking about beach and pool time, however. I believe its image quality is better than the other cams in this roundup, but it's only rated to 5 feet of depth.

Here's the Sanyo Xacti E1, the world's first waterproof camcorder. You're not going to be taking this $US500 camcorder scuba diving, because it can only be taken down to a depth of about 1.5m for an hour at a time, but still, you're not going to need a bulky underwater housing to take this 11cm-tall, 235-gram package in the pool.

It shoots standard definition H.264 MPEG-4 video onto an SD or SDHC memory card, and compresses it so efficiently that can fit 10 hours a 640x480 video at 30 frames per second on an 8GB card. It can also take 6-megapixel JPEG stills, and can even capture those pics at the same time you're shooting video. But does it float?

Take the jump to see what this baby looks like wet, and a list of specs, too.