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One of our dashing readers emailed us just now with a question I’m not really sure I’m seeking an answer to: “Want to know just how truly disgusting people are?” our reader asks, rhetorically, because he damn well knows the answer. He suggests that those who want to know the answer to that question simply seek out service technicians and have them describe cars that have been brought in. Then, he sent us this picture. This horrible, humanity-shaming picture. Now, out of equal parts cruelty and caring, I share it with you.

Minimalism has become, somewhat ironically, a status symbol unto itself. How many painfully self-satisfied articles have you read about rich people "decluttering" and instead just having a few crazy expensive things carefully placed in a stark white loft? Too many, probably. That just shows how far ahead of its time the 2001 Muji Car 1000 was, a de-contented, completely unbranded car you could only buy in white.