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For many a science fiction fan within this galaxy, May 4th marks Star Wars Day -- an event which sees aficionados of the hugely successful movie series celebrate Star Wars culture.

In case you hadn't guessed, the date relates to a pun on one of the space saga's most quoted lines -- "May the force be with you".

To mark the occasion, we've delved deep into the Sarlacc pit-like depths of the Guinness World Records archive to bring you our pick of Star Wars world records.


Honda and Team Dynamics have been working for some time on something pretty special. Not content with a ride-on mower you could simply zip around your garden on, they wanted something you could tear up the road with. Cue an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest ride-on lawn mower.


If there are two things in this world that folks just do not respect, it's the US Congress and the obscene amounts of torque that an electric engine can produce. Like its two-wheeled brethren, the Lola B12 69/EV has more than enough torque to spare. Enough even to propel a former UK government official to over 320km/h and into the history books.


It was impressive enough when toymakers found a way to make remote control helicopters small and safe enough to fly around indoors. But their miniaturisation efforts continue on as toymaker Silverlit introduces the Nano-Falcon, an RC chopper so tiny that Guinness has officially granted it the world record for smallest IR-controlled helicopter.


You probably juggle a phone number or two around in that skull of yours just out of necessity, but there are memorisation experts out there who would put you to shame. At this year's World Memory Championships, champion Johannes Mallow memorised a 2245-digit number and the order of 1144 playing cards each in just an hour.


At over 22,000 square metres Ski Dubai is currently the largest indoor skiing facility in the world. But a Danish architectural firm believes that record should belong to Denmark, and so has designed and proposed an indoor ski facility for the city of Randers that will safely snatch the title of world's biggest from Dubai.