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Video: Despite being Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine, the real star of Logan turned out to be Dafne Keen. Finding a very young actress to not only share a screen with Jackman, but sometimes outshine him, sounds like a nearly impossible task. But after you see this clip of Keen's audition, you'll realise casting her must have been a very easy choice for director James Mangold.


The gut-wrenching, excellent Logan finally hit theatres last week — and while there may not be a post-credit stinger to tease the future of the X-Men movie universe, there is still a lot to talk about. And probably be sad about, too. So consider this your moment, if you've seen the movie, to let rip about what you think comes next.


We all know the story. For years 20th Century Fox, the controllers of the rights to all Marvel X-Men properties, was too worried to make the R-rated Deadpool. They didn't think something that raunchy or violent could work in the superhero genre. Then, finally, after years of saying "No", they finally said "Yes" — and $US780 million ($1 billion) later, they're happy they did.