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Self-heating windows have existed for decades. However, they have have always relied on near-invisible wires that can be a distraction when revealed by oncoming headlights. So instead of wires, the laminated glass used in Volkswagen's new windshields includes an ultra-thin invisible layer of silver connected to the vehicle's electrical system so that it heats up and melts away ice.


Video: Snowboarder Tom Oye was snowboarding in Whistler, Canada when he got caught in a pummelling avalanche, and it's beyond terrifying. In this video we get to see the entire harrowing slide down the mountain. One second he's getting ready to carve the slopes, and the next he feels the ground crack underneath him and finds himself trapped inside the avalanche.


Video: My advice in surviving summer? Move somewhere cold. Can't do that? Then just stay inside for three months. Can't do that? Then... wait, why can't you do that? Friend's birthday? Forget about it. Dinner? Order in. Life? Experience it through videos on the internet. Like this one by ZALUSKart, where bubbles freeze over and over again and reveal wonderful patterns right before they do. Watch it, pretend it's winter and imagine being as cool as that bubble.


Photographer Joshua Nowicki captured photographs of the St. Joseph lighthouse at the mouth of the St. Joseph River in Michigan and it's beautifully (and completely) covered in ice. And because the thick icicles that accentuate the lighthouse are angled back from the strong winds, it looks like an alien sculpture that's frozen in time.