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So many great additions have been made to the field of sports broadcasting. From cameras right there on the sidelines through to cameras and microphones mounted on referees. But imagine if we could use a technology like Google Glass to get right into the action. This is what it would look like.


As much as you might want to, you can't sit around all day in the middle of the week and just watch sports. The beauty of smartphones is that you can follow your favourite events on the sly, because every major competition generally has an app to go along with it. Wimbledon, which kicked off on Monday, is no exception.


Personally, I find tennis and the current state of 3D to be about equal in terms of underwhelming wow factor. But if you’re a die-hard fan of both, you’ll be able to watch the men’s final at selected cinemas in Brisbane (Stafford), Sydney (Broadway) and Central Melbourne.


Do you like tennis? Do you like the third dimension? Hold onto your pants! This year's Wimbledon will be recorded in 3D, so it'll feel like each serve is flying right at your face! Or be blurry and headache-inducing.