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It didn't take long for those "Will it Blend?" videos to get long in the tooth. You can only watch so many smartphones being torn to shreds before the novelty wears off. But to celebrate the birth of his 40th grandkid, Tom Dickson tosses a mountain of magnetic Buckyballs into the blades and the results are as spectacular as they are incredibly dangerous to try at home. Seriously, don't try this at home.

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What happens when you put an iPad in a blender? For all of you who've been expressing your dislike for the past few weeks: catharsis. Catharsis and dust.

The original iPhone with its metal back couldn't survive the Blender's assault, so what chance does this iPhone 3G's plastic spine have? Zero. Then again, has anything ever failed to blend properly? I'd say these guys need a new shtick but we keep linking and you keep clicking so I guess I'm not actually as apathetic about the whole stunt as I feel at the moment..*watching*..Ok, that's still cool.

We're almost afraid to post this "Will It Blend" Wiimote edition video, as it's sure to reignite the wildfire of giggling commenters who scan every post to be the first to drop that trademark line. Maybe, due to the comment publishing lag, we'll even see two Will It Blends in a row, the ultimate Will It Blend faux pas. Three is not unheard of, but as we all know, whenever three douchebag comments hit at once we risk a black hole opening after the jump and sucking any scant intelligence not already lost to whippets and mobile phone tumors.

We present the latest evolution in "Will It Blend?" technology: A 900-watt, 20,000-RPM blender with a built-in tachometer. Although I've been quite happy with my run-of-the-mill Cuisinart, I have slight gadget lust for the brushed steel-y, $150 L'Equip RPM blender and a pulsing desire to see how many RPMs it takes to liquefy my new GH controller. It's 2008's version of "How Many Licks?"

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We know how much you love the Will it blend? series, so here is the latest installment. This edition sees our crazy buddy get a Guitar Hero controller into the blender, but not before going completely ape shit at the device, prepping it for the proper blending treatment. Well, we know the question that is currently residing on your lips, we also know some douche will ask it regardless of the video evidence, but what the hell, jump to get your blendtastic game on.

In another obvious ploy for publicity, page views and notoriety, the Blendtec Corporation this time puts the Transformers to the test in its (figuratively) fire-breathing and (literally) nail-chewing blender. What will happen? Will Bumblebee suddenly transform into the formidable beast he really is, fighting his way out of that spinning cauldron of certain death? What about that car? Will it blend?