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When US State Representative Ramon A Perez says he didn't mean to print a screenshot of a Wikipedia page with open porn tabs, we believe him. When he says that he didn't realise the open porn tabs were visible when he handed out the page, we believe him. When he says that he didn't personally take the screenshot, it's a little harder for us to believe him.


China and Wikipedia have always had a contentious relationship, and it appears that authorities are beginning to realise that if they can't allow access to the site, they will have to build one of their own. But the leader of the new project says "our goal is not to catch up, but overtake".


Over 1200 amateur snappers have already submitted images to Wikimedia Australia's Wiki Loves Earth photography competition, which also serves as a conduit for Wikipedia to populate its massive catalogue of Australian articles. There's a week left in the competition, and a few small prizes are up for grabs alongside the general good karma of helping out the world's largest repository of knowledge.


Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is familiar with people putting made-up bullshit online. As I mentioned, he founded Wikipedia. But this is on another level: Wales' words got changed on a Chinese conference website to make it sound like he was pro-Chinese government surveillance.


If you have data, you can find a weird and wonderful way to visualise it. Take real-time changes to Wikipedia, something that would normally be presented in a rather dry, analytical form, has been transformed into a live musical performance composed of additions, subtractions and new user registrations.


Wikipedia is no stranger to scandals, but a quiet update on its administrators' announcement board reveals a big problem. The site's CheckUser team recently banned 381 editors' accounts for "undisclosed paid advocacy". In other words, these Wikipedians were secretly shilling for brands and even resorting to extortion.


As ubiquitous as high-speed data connections have become, there are still occasions when you won't have as much connectivity as you might like, mostly while travelling and roaming abroad. If you want some reading material to pass the time while you're squeezed for bandwidth, the official Wikipedia apps for iOS and Android let you save articles for offline access.