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This sounds pleasant. David Resnick, an engineering student at UC Irvine, sought to create a project that engaged viewers' senses of sight, sound and touch all in perfect harmony. The answer, clearly: a massage chair controlled by a Wiimote-wielding ballerina.

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After jailbreaking your iPad, you can install SNES4iPhone, which will not only play SNES romz - it will open the Bluetooth stack, allowing you to play Mario with a Wiimote. Nintendotacular!

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Even armed with a Wiimote, the BotJunkie junkies couldn't shake the 300-cycle-per-second Adept Quattro, the world's fastest pick-and-place robot. Watch this video and imagine how quickly it could fill one of those state quarter maps.

It's not like you needed those windows for light anyway, so why not give yourself a multi-million dollar view of the Golden Gate Bridge instead? The Winscape iPhone app controls the view you see out your windows - or plasmas.

In what may be a precursor to the hippie/robot showdown we've always hoped for, musician Patrick Flanagan has created Jazari, a three-piece robotic drum circle capable of impressive arrangements. If that's not fun enough, it's all controlled by two Wiimotes.

It's two days before Christmas. Your annoying nephews are coming over on Christmas Day, and you haven't bought them a gift yet. What do you do? Why, you grab one of these $2 Wiimote candy dispensers from your local Woolworths and wrap it up. Done and dusted!