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App-based competitions are fun, aren’t they? Car company Kia for the Australian Open Tennis are challenging people to return a virtual serve on their phone, but now someone has put a tablet through a TV trying to beat the game. It’s the Wiimote catastrophe all over again. Does nobody ever learn?


The 11th Doctor gets about with a funky new Sonic Screwdriver to get him and his companion, Amy Pond, out of all sorts of pickles. Now you, too, can wave your sonic around your living room, but it will only help you use your Nintendo Wii.


OK, so the Doctor Who Wii game was a steaming load of slitheen dung, but the accompanying Wiimote, styled after the Doctor's sonic screwdriver is pretty cool if you're a Who fan. I am, so the fact that Mighty Ape's got them today for $24 is a great deal.


I love this little Kickstarter project which has received some serious heat in the time it's been running. The creator wants to build an app he can release on the App Store (hopefully for free), which will pair a Wiimote with iPhone or iPod touch for some serious music-making.


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I always thought that last generation fighter combat helmets - like the Eurofighter Typhoon's Head Equipment Assembly or the F-35 demon helmet - tracked the pilot's head position using gyroscopes. It turns out that they are more Kinect than Wiimote.


The Wii has a handful of great games and an even smaller handful of great games that truly exploit the Wiimote's capabilities. The rest? Complete waggleriffic crap. Here, SCEA's Rob Dyer gives some tough love to would-be PS Move developers.


Available November 16th, the black Wiimote will run you $US50. But, surprise, that includes the $US20 Wii MotionPlus peripheral! So the package is neither particularly cheap nor particularly expensive, but it'll hide stains better than the white Wiimote.