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Remember Charlie the Unicorn? Of course you do. His magical adventures have had us cry-laughing ourselves into delirium since 2005. Fast forward 12 years (oh wow) and now we finally have what we've all been waiting for: a worthy competitor for the title of "Strangest Dating Simulator Ever". A big claim, but yes. This is....not normal.


Sometimes, life gives you lemons. And then sometimes, it gives you Sir Richard Branson dressed as a mermaid, gazing happily at the camera as if to say, "My lifelong dream was not, in fact, to become an obscenely wealthy entrepreneur, but rather to bask in shallow waters with my fellow merpeople."


Explore international webcam videos. Apparently, Fujifilm's heard about this whole "diversification" thing and has expanded boldly into the booming dietary supplement market. Sure! Makes about as much sense as their commercial for it. Which is to say everything about this is totally bonkers.