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It's been a heated week for the National Broadband Network, with all involved working feverishly to shout down the other side in a bid to have themselves heard, both in and outside of Parliament House.

The election is imminent, and the NBN remains a political hot potato, with contentious studies, allegedly bulletproof costings and a truly bizarre filtering plan amongst this week's NBN news.

We're in full-on election mode, and that's apparent in the NBN news, which saw Labor head overseas to poll on Coalition policy, while Malcolm Turnbull repeated his mantra that Telstra's copper has no economic value.

In the second week of the Federal Election campaign, we finally saw two fierce political rivals battle it out over the nation's high-speed broadband future, as the NBN Co blows out costs while takes flak from contractors rolling out the service, and Malcolm Turnbull ignores the costs altogether.

A storm cloud filled with bad news hung over the National Broadband Network this week, with asbestos fears and the death of a contractor marring the roll-out of the multi-billion dollar fibre network.

If there's one thing we can expect week-in, week-out with the National Broadband Network, it's vitriolic slagging from one side of politics to another. As a new website surfaced comparing the speed of the two parties' NBN plans this week, slagging is exactly what we got.

You may not have heard much about the NBN in the last few weeks, which is miraculous actually. People not fighting about the nation's most divisive infrastructure project? I'm stunned. Don't worry, though, there's still some news to wrap-up. Here's what you missed.

The fallout from the Coaltion's NBN plan continued this week before the debate all came to a head today at a Parliamentary Inquiry into the roll-out of the National Broadband Network.

NBN Co pulled in some money, spent a whole lot more, bickered with its contractors and got rejected by the ACCC while speculation mounted that we might finally see a glimmer of an actual Coalition NBN policy. Also, Alan Jones raved and ranted, but then that's hardly news, is it?