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It's been a heated week for the National Broadband Network, with all involved working feverishly to shout down the other side in a bid to have themselves heard, both in and outside of Parliament House.


The election is imminent, and the NBN remains a political hot potato, with contentious studies, allegedly bulletproof costings and a truly bizarre filtering plan amongst this week's NBN news.


We're in full-on election mode, and that's apparent in the NBN news, which saw Labor head overseas to poll on Coalition policy, while Malcolm Turnbull repeated his mantra that Telstra's copper has no economic value.


In the second week of the Federal Election campaign, we finally saw two fierce political rivals battle it out over the nation's high-speed broadband future, as the NBN Co blows out costs while takes flak from contractors rolling out the service, and Malcolm Turnbull ignores the costs altogether.