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In a parallel universe, there's a planet where it rains only Italian cured meats. It appears that somehow, a wormhole has ripped through the space-time continuum and connected that world to ours, as evidenced by an assemblage of Italian sausage recently found on a family's roof in Deerfield Beach, Florida. It's a mystery meat whodunnit that raises more questions than answers; a cold case that has shaken a community to its core.

Decades after his death in 1989, painter Salvador Dalí is continuing to make art, or at the very least, something surreal. Last month, a Spanish judge ordered the artist's body to be exhumed for a paternity suit filed by a television psychic. The fortune teller, Pilar Abel, claims she is Dalí's daughter and has been fighting to get the artist's DNA since at least 2007. Now that Dalí's corpse has finally been exhumed, his embalmer is happy to report the artist's signature moustache has remained perfectly coiffed.

Sadly, a flatbed truck dumping 3400kg of live hagfish onto a highway in Oregon will not be the weirdest story of 2017. It will not even be close. Still, the situation warrants some kind of scientific explanation, since it isn't every day that the mucus of a living fossil destroys a Prius.

Under capitalism, money imprisons us all, but for one man in Corpus Christi, Texas, this arrangement recently transcended mere metaphor. On Wednesday afternoon local time, the contractor (whose name has not been released) was fixing a lock in a room connected to a Bank of America ATM when, suddenly, he trapped himself in. Having left his phone in the car, he was unable to call for help. So, with an impending Castaway situation at hand, the man had to get creative -- or else.

Monroe MacKinney thought he had reeled in just another largemouth bass from his parents' eight-acre pond. But after peering into the fish's mouth, the Missouri fisherman realised he'd actually hauled up a Russian nesting doll of nightmares.