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Got back pain? Does it seem worse in hot/cold weather? On super dry/humid days? During rain? When the wind is blowing East?

Well, there's yet another study that says the weather has absolutely nothing to do with your pain.


Video: I like rain. I mean, I don't like it when I get dumped on with cloud piss to the point where my socks will never be dry again and my soul has darkened, but I like it when I'm inside and warm, when I can hear the pitter-patter and put it in the background — when I can see it and not feel it at all. This video of rain by Laviniu Lazar reminds me of that kind of rain. The calming, cleansing, great to sleep in rain.


It teased us with the possibility of a no-show, but a weak La Niña has officially arrived, according to NOAA. Parts of the northern United States can expect a cooler and wetter-than-average winter, while southern California, unfortunately, can expect more drought.