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Toy Fair, a staggeringly large collection of playtime gadgets for kiddos and immature adults, has come to an end. Phew! We wandered through aisle after aisle of bouncy balls and model dinosaurs to find the cream of the crop.

Will we ever feel too old to love Nerf guns? No, I doubt it. What about Super Soakers? Oh, hush, of course not. Shooting things with toy guns is an intrinsic human joy. Here's what you'll be firing this year.

Toy Fair is full of lame jigsaw puzzles, toy horses and other antique things nobody cares about anymore. But! There's also plenty of unreleased Star Wars, Spider Man and other stuff that makes us feel like excited kids again. Lightsabres!

Boo, an animal so impossibly cute as to make physicists question our understanding of the cosmos, is now available for mass production. It's soft. It's lifelike. We went hands-on with the most disgustingly cute toy ever seen.

It's lacking the staples of Tiny Dancer, Don't Stop Believin' and Hollaback Girl (am I right?), but if you're into Disney's catalogue of croon-alongs, Spotlight could be a lot of fun for the tween in your life (or you).

Yes, totally, I would love to wear one of those crazy robo-suits, like the HULC exoskeleton, that basically turns you into a huge shit-wrecking mech. Unfortunately, I do not have the dozens of thousands of dollars it costs to purchase one. But I can afford the forthcoming B.I.G. Power Hand, a $US30 glove from Jakks Pacific that lets your hand dictate the movements of a customisable blue robo-hand with ease.

Printers, I think we can agree with some relief, are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Still, plenty of people have the hulking old things plugged in somewhere in their homes, and Mattel's gonna put 'em to use. For printing real (fake) hair extensions for you and your Barbie.

Hot wheel sets are a staple of many a childhood, but they're also a staple of creating a huge sprawling mess that someone will inevitably trip over and start cursing. So! Take that racetrack off the floor and put it on the wall.

One weird thing about Toy Fair is all of the stringent gender norms that are pushed in marketing-speak. Trucks are for boys. Transformers are for boys. Nerf is for boys. So what do girls get? This exceedingly creepy robo-baby, designed to train them to be mothers. Seriously.

Remote-control cars have long been confined to one plane: the floor. No longer the case! The Zero Gravity Finn McMissile car - a suave spyster whip voiced by Michael Caine - can cruise from the floor to the wall without changing gear.

Cars 2 is coming, which means an unrelenting onslaught of licensed toys. Chief among them is Disney's Lightning McQueen Alive 1:55 scale car - pat it on the head, and it wobbles, shrugs, and - get ready: talks in Owen Wilson's voice.