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High voltage electrics plus risk of sparky, smoky death plus humorous engineer equals excellent warning sign. I'd keep well away, after reading that. Though I do remember an old girlfriend's dad once pinned a freakishly similar note (substituting the odd "I will" into the text) to his daughter's bedroom door, and pointedly drew my attention to it.


Retrodata, a data-recovery company, has just issued a warning for Apple MacBook owners with Seagate hard drives that were manufactured in China and have a firmware version of 7.01. Apparently these have a fatal flow that cause their read/write heads to fail mechanically, scratching up the hard drive surface as pictured and making data unrecoverable (even by professionals such as themselves). If you've got a MacBook, you should check to see if your internal drive is a Seagate and back up your data accordingly. There's no official word yet from Apple on whether or not this actually a problem, but better safe than crying over lost nudie photos.


If you have an I-Key from a 2007 Altima or Infiniti G35 jangling around in your pocket, don't let it snuggle up to your cellphone. Apparently incoming and outgoing calls have the nasty potential to switch up or wipe out the I-Key's internal code, leaving you with a sweet-looking but useless hunk of metal.

A new version of the I-Key that's hopefully less bricktastic around everyday objects won't come out until the fall, but you can get a new key from your dealer if you render yours stupid since they can't be reprogrammed. Until then, it might be a good idea to keep AAA's number handy. – Matt Buchanan

Nissan warns U.S. cellphones can disable car keys