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The BBC’s VOD iPlayer App went live overnight. There’s a lot to like — and a lot of value on offer at least for the first month. I’m a little concerned about its long term value, though.


I know. Sometimes Netflix Watch Instantly seems like an endless stream of Daddy Daycare sequels, as more and more studios strip away the good stuff. But take heart! Miramax just signed a multi-year agreement that's going to deliver lots of high-quality movies starring people with cool accents, starting in June.


AFL fans should get ready to enjoy a wild slather of live broadcasts, as Channel Seven, Foxtel and Telstra today announce that they have joined forces to broadcast every match live all over the country through a variety of media. The most notable is the inclusion of a digital streaming inclusion that will see all matches streamed live over NextG to mobiles and tablets.


Given it has the financial backing of the Seven Network and a brand name known around the world, you'd expect TiVo to be a huge hit here in Australia. But a report in The Register by Natalie Apostolou indicates that the TiVo's licensee here in Australia, Hybrid TV, has cut back the local office to just five staff and the company's in advanced talks to offload the product to IPTV rival FetchTV.