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The US Federal Trade Commission announced yesterday that it has reached a settlement with Vizio, which it alleged misled customers about what data its smart TVs were collecting. Vizio agreed to pay $US2.2 million ($2.8 million) in penalties, including $US1.5 million ($1.9 million) to the FTC and $US1 million ($1.3 million) to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, with $US300,000 ($391,827) suspended.


Unless you're spending a lot of time in mainland China you've probably never heard of LeEco. But you should know LeEco. In 2015 the company sold more phones than Apple. Its web series, Go Princess Go, was one of the most watched web series in China, before censors had it edited due to too many bisexual time travelling shenanigans. And two days ago it bought American television giant Vizio.


Vizio has a cute, self-deprecating display up at CES. It showed a Vizio TV made 10 years ago compared to one made in 2012. TVs were butt fugly back then -- it's as big a difference as a Palm Pilot and the iPhone 5.


Vizio has a nice surprise at CES this year: it has one of the only tablets in the world with a Tegra 4 processor inside outside of some death vault at Nvidia headquarters. We used it.


Over in the US, Vizio became a big player over the last few years with pretty-good-for-the-price big-screen TVs -- and now they're looking to shake up the PC market the same way. I don't know how these will perform, but holy crap the new Vizio PCs and notebooks look amazingly good. Indeed, they may beat sleepy PC giants at their own game. Their designer must be a genetic mix of Jon Ive and Tony Stark.


I like Vizio. They're an honest company that makes good products and sells them for cheap. But they sell TVs, and now phones and tablets as well. Makes sense. Selling lightbulbs doesn't make sense. Why are you selling lightbulbs, Vizio?


Vizio, the champ of inexpensive, pretty damn good TVs, is making the (inevitable) foray into Tabletania. Their snazzily named Vizio Tablet jibes with the rest of their electronic lineup: modestly priced, decently featured, above-average performing. And we felt it up.