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It isn't time for the Dash Cam Owners Australia monthly roundup just yet, but they did just upload a crash roundup -- including one person taking an accidental vehicle swim and another taking the bricks off the front of a house.

While some of the crashes have a slight comical element to them, these videos are best taken as lessons in what not to do on the road.

Pay attention, respect others on the road and don't be an idiot.

There's a lot of fun and slightly insane car stuff out there, especially on YouTube. But this is definitely one of the best. Russian YouTube Channel Garage 54 created its own Frankenstein's Monster of the auto world -- A CatDog car.

Two fronts. Two engines. Two drivers.

The question is, how the hell does it work? And what about the exhaust!?

People who take selfies are vain, narcissistic and self-absorbed. Why post self portraits taken in a dirty bathroom mirror on social media every. Single. Day? Is it for attention? Validation? Are you hooked on how many "likes" you get? Get over yourself.

Before I decided to take a selfie every day for a year, I didn't take selfies at all. Because I didn't want people to judge me like I was judging others.

The Australian porn scene is struggling.

Post-Pornhub, there's simply less demand -- for paid content, for new content. But if history has proven anything, it's that pornography finds a way.

We spoke to some of Australia's premier porn performers and producers. They're struggling, they're doing it tough, but they're using technology (and their innate sense of hustle) in a last gasp fight for survival.

We now live in a world where a slash through the air can create a cornucopia of sound and light. One movement provides an oratory and visual feast that is free from the spacial confines presented by traditional instruments. What you're about to witness is the future of electronic music. And it all started with a video game controller.

Five brilliant STEM professionals make up Girl Geek Academy, enabling and supporting coding and hackathons, 3D printing and wearables, game development, design, entrepreneurship and startups - all with the aim to get more women in tech, women in games, women who make, female designers and female founders.

Girl Geek Academy has been kicking big goals - and career education giant General Assembly noticed. In a new collaboration, they are launching a $15,000 Web Development Immersive Scholarship to kickstart one woman's career as a developer.

Seeing it for the first time, did the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer leave you with a feeling of suspense, joy, sadness, euphoria?

Or did you just want to eat the Porg?

"That meme is dead, Mum."

It was the moment I realised I really was profoundly uncool, expertly owned by my 16 year old son. I was using a meme that was tired, apparently. Overused. About to become the territory of that Aunt who posts Minions memes on Facebook. It was dead.

But how long do memes live for anyway, and which ones endure the test of time?

While there were 1.4 million tablets sold in Australia over the last year, as a whole, sales are on the decline (by roughly 10 per cent). Android has seen the biggest hit - with a 29 per cent drop in the first half of 2016 alone.

And while absolutely thrashed on the smartphone stakes, analysts are predicting it'll be Windows overtaking Android by the end of the year.

Since Pokemon Go's launch in July last year, the Augmented Reality phenomenon has been downloaded over 750 million times and made more than $1.5 billion. That's not a typo. While more than 80 per cent of players (myself included) haven't opened the app in months, 60 million people are still playing today.

That's a lot of people getting out and about, increasing their physical activity, getting fitter. But does the gamification of exercise actually work? Short answer: yeah, it does.

Remember the Xbox Onesie? Love it or hate it, there's no denying it was a stroke of marketing genius. So, like all successful original ideas - there's a sequel. And this time, it has been created in collaboration with Porsche.

I'm not even kidding. Society has devolved to the point where that statement, about a onesie and one of the most well-known luxury Motorsport brands of all time, is an actual fact.

Terreform ONE, a not-for-profit architecture research group, creates projects that provide environmentally friendly and smart design options for future cities.

One of them is a Cricket Shelter -- a modular edible insect farm where crickets are milled into flour after death. But don't worry, they get to have a lot of sex first!

When you were a kid, what did you think the future would look like? Hoverboards, Back to the Future style? Flying Cars a la The Jetsons?

It's 2017 people, and look what we have here - an augmented reality Ikea experience. So that everywhere is your life can be filled with Ikea, like a disillusioned insurance worker's apartment shortly before starting an underground Fight Club.