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Though Google is known for great apps, it's not great at communication apps. Hangouts never quite rivaled Apple's Messages, and its Messenger app is strictly utilitarian at best. In 2016, Google's wiping the slate clean and launching a two-front assault on messaging with two new apps, Allo and Duo. Today, Google fired the first volley with its FaceTime clone, Duo.


Google is rolling out a new Android 2.3.4 update to Nexus S users in the next few weeks and other Android 2.3+ devices in the near future. What's the biggie upgrade? Google Talk for Android is getting video chat.


The latest update to Qik's Android app has brought along cross-platform video-calling. That means Android 2.1+ users can bug iPhone, iPod touch and iPad 2 users, and vice versa. The app also lets you share videos on your social sites, and send video mail - which is offered free until June 1, and will cost thereafter.


Google's said to be working on video-calling for the Gmail app, says a tweeter who claims to "work with Samsung". His tweet read "Just had a video call using gmail on Nexus S. Impressive quality @googlenexus Gingerbread 2.3.4 #io2011", and as he used the I/O hashtag it's believed Google will announce the addition at their big developers' conference in just a couple of weeks.


Skype owns Qik now, but that hasn't stopped them from coming out with an iOS app to rival Skype's own. I guess if the family takes on FaceTime together, all the better for Skype. Anyway, Qik's Video Connect Plus app lets you video-chat over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, plus record video mail.


New MacBook Pros are here, with spiffy HD cameras popped into their faces. Neat! HD video chat sounds fun. Less fun? The fact that Apple's FaceTime app - you know, the program for the chat protocol they're trying to make ubiquitous - is no longer free.