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Whether a beginner, a serious aviation enthusiast, or just a fan of gadgets, many of you will have received drones as Christmas gifts. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have surged in popularity and affordability in recent years, and there’s no doubt that recreational drone use is on the rise as a result.


Four-wheel driving across the Victoria High Country is a unique experience, offering 4WD enthusiasts an assortment of different terrains and spectacular views. That being said, travellers need to be well versed on the special preparation and precautions crucial to safely exploring the Victorian High Country.


It has been on hold via a moratorium since 2012, and now a new law to be introduced into Victorian State Parliament later this year will bring an end to fracking and coal seam gas exploration and development in the state.

The legislation covers "unconventional gas" — natural gas obtained from difficult-to-reach areas requiring nontraditional drilling techniques criticised for being environmentally destructive.


Over the next two years, the current licencing regime for taxis, hire cars and ride share services in Victoria will be scrapped. All existing licenses will be removed, as will the knowledge test. In its place will be a new system of "industry accountability".

A $378 million fund will be available to existing drivers to help with the transition to the new system, which is being partially funded by a $2 per trip levy. That's right, Victorians, you'll soon be paying two dollars extra a ride.


Australia is a land of extremes. From floods through to bushfires: there's no telling what's coming for your house next. In a bid to help people displaced by extreme weather events, Airbnb Australia has stepped in and signed an agreement with the Victorian Government which would see families put up in the company's rental listings during times of strife.


How oppressive is your internet censor at work? I know for a fact that you can't get onto sites like The Pirate Bay on the Gizmodo internet connection (it was research for a story, honest), but we've never thought to check sites that aren't safe for work. From the looks of things this morning, the censor at Victorian Parliament is pretty strong. Strong enough, at least, to force staffers to reportedly concoct and participate in a porn distribution racket to get around the filter. Ew.


The region around Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley in lower central Victoria, is on fire. A bush blaze burning earlier this month spread into the city's nearby open-cut Hazelwood coal mine, and has been smouldering for the last two weeks. Firefighters are working desperately to reduce the intensity of the fire, but even after it's brought under control, the mine will continue to burn from the inside out.


White hat hacking refers to someone who wants to find vulnerabilities in a particular organisation's infrastructure to save them from being exploited by real bad guys. Companies usually contract these people to do such work, which is why a 16-year old Victorian schoolboy hacking his way around Public Transport Victoria is now in hot water, despite his best intentions.


Climbing into a top loader and waiting for your girlfriend to come home is probably never going to end well. Especially if you’re naked and calling it a game of ‘hide and seek’. Even more so if it takes the combined efforts of police, firefighters, paramedics, SES plus Search and Rescue 20 minutes to grease you up and out (see video).


Getting yourself on the docket for an election is tough no matter where you are. I'd say it would be tougher for a political refugee like Julian Assange, though. Assange recently flagged his intention to run for the Federal Senate, and now despite the adversity, Assange is on his way to the race.


It's been official for a while now: iOS 6 Maps suck. Everyone from Tim Cook to my mother knows it, but now it's getting scary. Victoria Police are advising people not to use iOS 6 Maps due to safety concerns. What are those safety concerns? Oh nothing, really, just people stranded deep inside a remote national park.


At 4am on Thursday morning, a small fire broke out in the roof of a Telstra telephone exchange in the south-west Victorian town of Warrnambool. Over the course of the next few hours, the fire would tear through the once-pristine communications hub, leaving it a sad shell of what it once was. The ash has now settled, but 60,000 Victorians are still without basic telco services. Come with us for a tour inside the gutted exchange building.


The sounds of the night ripple through the lining of your tent. It's a cold night, but the skies are clear. Perfect conditions to spot them if they ever break through the tree line across from you. You poke your head out of the flap to scan the terrain. A twig snaps outside to your left. They're coming. You load your clip into the slot in your orange rifle, and pray that it'll be enough to hold them back.