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It was on a friend's floor that Clairissa Mulloy found the laser disc she wore tied above her head like a charming sunhat - better than a CD. "More coverage," she explained. And looking out over those dancers from an upper balcony, Nisey Shanks fluttered her eyelashes so they glowed blue - the deep cobalt of a screen with the input off. She had bought the motion-sensitive LED-strip lashes more than a year ago by supporting the project on Kickstarter, but they had only arrived that morning. "A sign," she said.

Video: 1998 was such a good year for PC gaming. Half-Life, Grim Fandango, Baldur's Gate, Star Craft, Rogue Squadron and many, many more. Dang. Those looking to relive the glory days could easily run most of these games through a virtual machine, but YouTuber nine took it a step (or several) further and built a period-accurate 1998 gaming rig.

Video: "What would a Trump presidency look like?" many of us have been wondering, in decreasingly hypothetical terms. Now, in all its bubblegum-tinted glory, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if elected, Donald J. Trump will pilot an enormous mecha in his likeness, use it to construct his long-threatened wall and then destroy both the wall and the planet it was built on with a sweet-as-hell laser blast.